You cannot get more "classic French pastry" than Canelés, this specialty from the Bordeaux region has a dark caramelized crust and a delicious custard inside, flavored with Rhum and natural vanilla pods. The history of canelés is linked to that of wine making in Bordeaux. Since 18th century, when the châteaux used egg whites to filter wine in vats, the yolks, useless in the wine making process, were given to the sisters of the Annonciades to make cakes and especially the canelés. Authentic recipe and traditional savoir-faire are our factor of success: copper molds from France, vanilla pods…


沒有比可麗露更 「經典的法式點心 」了,這款來自波爾多地區的特產,表皮深色焦糖色,內里是美味的吉士餡,用冧酒和天然香草莢調味。 可麗露的歷史與波爾多葡萄酒的釀造歷史息息相關。 18世紀以來,當酒莊用蛋白在大桶中過濾葡萄酒時,「無用」的蛋黃就被捐給修女們來製作點心,尤其是可麗露。 正宗的配方和傳統的技藝是我們成功的因素:來自法國的銅製模具,天然香草荚,等等。

Canelés de Bordeaux 波爾多可麗露

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    Approx. 30gr/pc

    All the cakes are crafted by our master chef in the traditional French style. Please allow 2-7 business days for processing and delivery. This gives our master chef time to prepare your order with exceptional care and attention to detail.

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    Store at -18°C

    Defrost: 2 hours at room temperature.

    Serve: directly or reheat in the microwave for 10 sec.