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Our Story

Disciples Escoffier International, founded in France in 1954, is an association, named after the Celebrity chef Auguste Escoffier, and dedicated to the culinary arts. Now counting over 25’000 “Disciples” in 30 countries, it has become the world’s largest chef association. Our tight-knit “family” includes some of the most respected chefs in the fine dining industry (Michelin Star chefs, Meilleur Ouvrier de France).

With “Pâtisserie by Disciples Escoffier”, we aim to offer people in Hong Kong a culinary trip to France while honoring traditional French delights with an innovative touch. Discover our product line exclusively made in Hong Kong: Canelé de Bordeaux, Madeleine, Financiers, Chocolate Lava Cake...​

Disciples Escoffier International於1954年在法國成立,是一個以名廚Auguste Escoffier命名的協會,致力發揚烹飪藝術。目前在30個國家擁有超過25000名「門徒」,已成為世界上最大的廚師協會。我們緊密的「家族」包括一些在高級餐飲業備受尊崇的廚師(米其林星級廚師、法國最佳廚師)。

本協會希望透過 "Pâtisserie by Disciples Escoffier"這個品牌,以創新方式演繹傳統法國美食,帶領香港人開展一趟品嘗法國美食之旅。請品嘗我們的「香港生產」獨家產品系列:波爾多可麗露、瑪德蓮貝殼蛋糕、費南雪金磚蛋糕、朱古力熔岩蛋糕等。

Local partner/本地合作夥伴: Antonin Catering Hong Kong

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